[Solved with xrandr] Dim screen using Twilight, Redshift etc

I’ve never liked staring at a bright computer screen, not so much because it keeps me awake (although maybe it does), more because it hurts my eyes.

On my fone i use Twilight, which works great and is easy to adjust. On laptops, normally i turn the screen right down, but i realised i could probably try something like twilight on the laptop also.

So i tried redshift, but it didn’t work because geoclue wasn’t configured or something. I found a tip on how to give latitude and longtitude, but it still didn’t work. Here’s the tip though:

enter the following in terminal:

redshift -l [LAT]:[LON]

(replacing [LAT]:[LON] by your latitude and longitude)

Anyhoo, redshift adjusts the screen according to the position of the sun, but i just want a way to dim the screen…

F.lux and g.lux aren’t in synaptic, neither is iris (not iirsih, an Irish dictionary for the ispell spell-checker program) and neither is calise, but that works using the webcam, which i rather keep covered up

so instead of using an installed program, none of which actually seem to work that well anyway, how about using a terminal command?

instant justice thanks to ubuntubuzz

xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 0.5

the value on the right is the important bit, so 1 for normal, 0.5 for dimmed, 0.1 for superdark, 2 for bright and so on…

job done

or is it?

further reading to be done on backlight and xgamma